Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Password Tips

Please protect your passwords for any personal accounts that you access .

* DO NOT keep any password on a post-it note that is stuck on your monitor. Don't 'hide' them under your keyboard.

* DO NOT keep a printed list of your accounts and passwords on your desk or any other obvious location where it can be seen by others. If you have a printed list make sure your keep it hidden in a safe place.

* DO NOT use the default password assigned to you.

* DO NOT have web sites 'remember' your username and password on any school computer.

* LOG OFF from any web site before walking away from your computer.

* DO NOT share your passwords. If someone absolutely must have access to your account, change the password before you grant them access, then change it again after their access is no longer required.

* DO NOT use any of these passwords ~
 10. "Baseball"
9. "111111"
8. "dragon"
7. "letmein"
6. "monkey"
5. "qwerty"
4. "abc123"
3. "12345678"
2. "123456"
And at #1 is "Password".

Read more: http://digitaljournal.com/article/335497#ixzz2VvC11GfY

Curious about the strength of your password? Check it here: Password Checker

* Never reply to an email that asks you for your password. Most especially, never, ever follow a link in an email pointing to a site which requires a login. Period. No exceptions. These email are called phishing scams and are extremely common. If you really feel there's a chance the email might be legitimate, go to the website via the traditional means - either by using a previously saved bookmark or by typing in the site address you normally use to visit the site. Do not type in the link provided in the email.

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